Google talks about the future of Doubleclick Advertising

June 4, 2013, 11:20 pm

This is a long session 3.5 hours.  It talks about the future of Google Doubleclick and some of the new tools that Google will be releasing very soon, including a new web design tool for building Doubleclick Ad Aware websites. Multiple demos on mobile applications.

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San Francisco to app: Curb parking space auctions

by / on June 26, 2014, 6:55 pm

Original Article Authored by Terry Collins and Martha Mendoza Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco’s new crackdown on a mobile app that allows people to auction off their public parking spots marks yet another clash between innovative technologies and regulators trying to maintain law and order, public safety and a sense of social decorum. The app, called Monkey Parking, allows […]

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NLRB judge: Employers Cannot Require Employee Social Media Disclaimers

by / on June 26, 2014, 6:40 pm

Original Article Authored by Jon Hyman, Workforce “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the postings, strategies or opinions of The Kroger Co. family of stores.” In The Kroger Company of Michigan [pdf], a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge concluded that Kroger’s Online Communications Policy — which required that it’s employees post the above-quoted […]

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Is your teen sending inappropriate selfies on their smartphone?

When it comes to the dangers of nude selfies, older teens are more aware than you may think

by / on May 1, 2014, 5:00 pm

This past weekend I had the opportunity to witness high school juniors talk about inappropriate nude selfies on social media and smartphones.  I was impressed with their awareness.  I spent last weekend in Fawskin, CA at Camp Whittle.  For those who don’t know (and I didn’t) Fawnskin is about 40 minutes from Big Bear and it’s beautiful up there.  Six […]

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Human trade danger to all Children are vulnerable, speaker says

by / on May 1, 2014, 4:11 pm

Original Article  Authored by For years, Holly Smith didn’t realize she was a victim. At age 14, just finished with middle school, Smith was trying to fit in when she was lured and manipulated into prostitution by an older man who made her feel special. At that moment in 1992, she had become a victim of human trafficking in […]

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Obsessed with Privacy? What about our teens?

Wickr and P calculator applications. Privacy yes but what about our teenagers?

by / on April 23, 2014, 7:18 pm

Wickr and P calculator are applications that allow us to hide things like text messages, photos and videos.  It seems that every month there is a new app committed to the preservation of our “secret” musings but what about our teenagers and even younger kids that are discovering these apps? While the NSA might be giving us all pause when […]

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NOT FOR SALE: Human trafficking forum to highlight local reality of global problem

by / on April 21, 2014, 7:52 pm

Original Article Shakopee Valley News by Alex Hall Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014 2:00 pm BY ALEX HALL | 1 comment It couldn’t happen here, you may tell yourself. Children in this community couldn’t fall victim to human sex trafficking. Not here. But earlier this year, a 13-year-old girl from Savage was moments away from possibly being swept away into sexual slavery. The girl believed […]

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Clark County groups team up to combat human trafficking Clark County task force aims to aid victims, prosecute offenders.

by / on April 21, 2014, 7:47 pm

Original Article Dayton Daily News Authored by Allison Wichie SPRINGFIELD — Law enforcement, health services and community outreach leaders have taken the first steps to address human trafficking in Clark County, including holding a summit Friday and starting local criminal investigations. Ohio law enforcement agencies have made arrests in 30 human trafficking cases from June 2012 to June 2013. But organizers […]

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Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube create instant gratification

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our world of instant gratification

by / on April 14, 2014, 8:11 pm

Have you ever thought about how Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have made us even more addicted to instant gratification than our consumer oriented society already was? You know how it goes…you suddenly can’t remember the name of an artist who sang a song; an actor who played in a certain movie; a move that a certain actor was in […]

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Teen ‘Sexting’ Ring Discovered on Instagram

Teen ‘Sexting’ Ring Discovered on Instagram

by / on April 11, 2014, 10:16 pm

Original Article  Authored by Keith Wagstaff  what sounds like a parent’s worst nightmare, more than 100 teens were implicated in a “sexting” ring in Virginia involving images of nude and semi-nude minors shared on social media. More than 1,000 photos and videos were discovered by law enforcement in Central Virginia, most of them of teenage girls between the ages of […]

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‘Absence of Choice’ Untangling captives from the web of human trafficking

by / on April 2, 2014, 7:00 pm

Original Article Authored by Harrison Berry The victim had been testifying for hours, and through the whirlwind of anecdotes, digressions and tears, Ada County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ryan Pacheco had pieced together enough information to start verifying her story about being forced into prostitution. Her body advertised and sold to johns over the web and via word of mouth, she had […]

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